Of what use the November elections?

They might stanch the arterial bleeding, but the Left will go quickly back on the offensive before anything more than that can happen. And the mess is self-perpetuating, no matter the shifts in power. The “power” is the power to oversee the mess and skim from it like a crooked pit boss at a casino. (The “stimulus” bill, after all, was the biggest looting since whichever was the most profitable sacking of Rome in its decline. Stimulus was the very last thing the “stimulus” bill was about, finishing as a vague hopey-changey thing about ten places behind “let me get mine, now.”)

The cold civil war will continue. If the extended order begins its collapse and, for instance, empty shelves are increasingly observed in supermarkets, then only God knows what will follow.

But the November elections could stanch the arterial bleeding. There is that.

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