By the end of his tenure as…

…mayor of New York City, I had little use for Ed Koch. He was a bigmouth and a showboat and the City looked like a pile of shit. He gave up trying to do anything about it a good five years before he was done.

His successor, David Dinkins, was an arrogant incompetent man of small talents. The one thing he had when he started, his dignity, was thrown off before he got halfway through his one term.

Rudy Giuliani, of course, transformed the City from having the character of a Nazi bomb shelter in Berlin at the end of World War II, infected with paranoia and claustrophobia, back to a place where one could live a sane life. Rudy’s two terms as mayor were arguably the single most effective political tenure of any time or any place in the United States short of the greatest presidencies, of which there have been perhaps two, or three. Anyone who saw New York City before and after Giuliani, and who has eyes, could see it. The difference was unbelievable, but seeing was believing.

Now, however, in the third term of Michael Bloomberg I think that I’m looking at the most stupendous idiot I’ve ever seen in that job. Worse than Dinkins, far worse. Worse than Abe Beame even. But “worse” doesn’t quite capture it. This is an odious, phony, low-functioning slob. Bloomberg is a pantywaist, an asslicker, and a whore. He is, quite frankly, the most purely rotten individual I could imagine as mayor of New York.

I’m sure that the City could do worse, and I think it will. But right now Bloomberg is the standard.

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