David Goldman scores from the blue line

That’s an ice hockey reference. Here’s Goldman’s piece at First Things:

That Obama has a deep personal sympathy for Islam is beyond doubt. The President takes every opportunity to emphasize it. But he is not a Muslim, only the thrice-abandoned child and step-child of Muslims and an anthropologist mother who deeply sympathized with the struggle of Muslims to resist globalization. He has a deep antipathy to the American view of things, insisting that “American exceptionalism” is no different than “Greek exceptionalism.” He belongs neither to the United States, nor to the Muslim world; he is a gifted outsider with a talent for persuasion who profiled Americans the way anthropologist profile primitive tribes, and in a variant of the old adventure-movie script, made himself our king.

That’s just about a third of Goldman’s post. I recommend you read all of it.

Vanderleun the Great had that link.

P.S.: I don’t know about that “gifted” business. He never got over on me. By my take the liberal media racket used extraordinary lies combined with de facto censorship to shove him down America’s throat.

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