Great review of “Fighter Pilot” at FrontPage

David Forsmark writes:

Olds lusted for combat, pulling every string to get into the fight and chafing when he missed out. He would hate his commander in the 1950s for decades until he found out it was his wife’s lobbying, not his CO, that kept him out of the Korea War. As the commander of the famed Wolfpack in Vietnam, Olds was told that once he either became an ace or logged 100 missions, he was going to be taken out of combat and sent on a PR tour; as a result, he began flying off the books and setting up his wingmen to log the kills.

Yes, that was the right choice of words by Forsmark. Olds did not hunger for combat, he lusted for combat.

A reader might think, well, what was wrong with him? There was nothing wrong with him. He had a talent with a fighter aircraft that was too pronounced for him to sit on. He had to use it. It was part of who he was.

Men like that are in short supply, and we had best pray that we have enough of them around when the going gets tough.

Fighter Pilot is here, at Amazon. Fighter pilot Ed Rasimus, who graces our blogroll, is co-author with the late Robin Olds and his daughter Christina Olds.

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