Howard Zinn’s FBI file

Robert Stacy McCain reviews some of the highlights of the America-hating Marxist historian’s recently released FBI file:

Howard Zinn was teaching a class, but he wasn’t yet a professor and his classroom wasn’t at a university. It was late 1951, and the students who gathered for Zinn’s lessons in Brooklyn were his fellow members of the Communist Party USA.

The case made by the FBI file that Zinn belonged to CPUSA in the late 40s and early 50s is convincing by McCain’s synopsis. I haven’t delved directly into the file yet. Perhaps in the future. There’s a link to it in McCain’s piece for anyone with the stomach for it.

CPUSA was, of course, then secretly a direct agency of the Soviet Union. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about that. That’s what it was, and belonging to it, as distinct from merely being a “fellow traveler,” announced a serious commitment to the Soviet cause in the United States.

Zinn didn’t become famous until decades later with his “America With All The Good Parts Left Out” (actual title “A People’s History of the United States”), a bundle of crap that nowadays gets shoved down the throats of young people as early as high school. It’s a book of victimization, rancor, and outrage based on the decontextualization of history, written by a man who is now revealed to have worked directly for one of the most criminal regimes in history, a regime guilty of endless mass murder and political imprisonment.

Later in life, Zinn deposited his accumulated jaundiced Marxist propaganda, formed as an account of American history, into the aforesaid book. That book is now a “standard text” all over the American educational system, from high schools to universities.

Every single person I have ever known who has touted that book is already, or becomes, a malicious America-hating little puke. This condition is indicative of the loss of a sense of reality, immediate and historical, that is so destructive both to the legacy of American liberty and to any individual so indoctrinated. Inevitably, the people who perceive America, through the lens of this book, as a terrible and unjust place will embrace forms of tyranny inimical to liberty. It is an inversion of values that is awful to watch and nearly impossible to correct in any time frame that would make the effort to correct it on an individual basis worthwhile.

Zinn’s book was, of course, a wonderful score for the KGB. It has made it possible for the Soviet ghost to haunt America long past the expiration date of its musty, rotten propaganda.

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