“No Mosque”

Bob Tyrrell wraps up the case against this flagrantly obscene move on Ground Zero in Manhattan:

There is nothing irrational or bigoted about thinking that a mosque does not belong at Ground Zero or at the Pentagon or on the Pennsylvania countryside where United Flight 93 crashed. Americans traditionally raise on such sites monuments to freedom, to courage, to the sacrifices of those lost. Now the Ruling Class wants to place a mosque at the site of September 11. It is the only time I can recall the Ruling Class ever being in favor of placing a religious manifestation anywhere. Yet in favoring this mosque, the Ruling Class does put itself squarely in opposition to the Country Class, so it does have a logic to it.

Note that Tyrrell has adopted some of the terms (Ruling Class and Country Class) from Angelo Codevilla’s recent assessment of the approaching Dark, America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution, which is a prolonged but important read.

As for the mosque in downtown Manhattan, it will win no favor for Muslims, not an iota. I consider this a grace period, while there is still opportunity to cancel the construction. But the moment that the first wrecking ball hits the building that is currently there with the intent of taking it down to build the mosque, not another dime of mine will go to a Muslim-owned business anywhere. So, that’s my policy. If there are Muslims who understand how bad an idea this is, let them start saying it out loud. Because if the mosque is not built solely on the strength of resistance by non-Muslims, then Musllims haven’t shown good faith, as far as I’m concerned.

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