The Obama presidency is so bad…

…I’ve been saying for so long, that it cannot be grasped or described within the normative terms of American politics.

It is a ghastly aberration made all the worse by the complicity of most of the mainstream media. He was never properly examined as a candidate for president, and it comes as no surprise that there are so many people around him who are not properly vetted.

This is a creepshow. I’m not going to make historical comparisons. Those are worn out and useless.

I’ll say this, though: none of this was unexpected by anyone paying attention for the past twenty years.

For instance, Bill Clinton was not a charming rogue, he was and is a completely uncharming obvious-on-the-surface sociopath. His wife was not the smartest woman on the planet and a poor victim of her husband’s transgressions as a philanderer. She was his ideology officer, fully complicit in everything he did, and an accomplice who he could never turn his back on.

And those terms almost become normative when trying to describe Obama and his people.

He’s a racist and a race baiter and, surprise, surprise, he came right out of a racist and race baiting background. This was obvious, not even hidden in plain sight, when he ran for president.

He’s a Marxist and a thug and, surprise, surprise, he came right out of a Marxist and thug background. This was even more obvious, if that is possible, than his racist and race baiting background.

This is without question the most peril that American voters have ever voted themselves into since God knows when. Jimmy Carter was a hot dog stand compared to this monstrosity. Lyndon Johnson was mentally stable by comparison. FDR actually knew something about economics (and he knew nothing about economics) side-by-side with Obama.

I said here, back in the campaign, that he would be a catastrophe and he has surpassed even my expectations.

I could care less about any of the historic implications of this man being elected. That was a one day story. The rest of the story is about a society being murdered and committing suicide at the same time.

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