Howard Dean

Now there’s a social hygienist who is a public health problem.

Just caught part of the clip of him appearing yesterday on Fox News Sunday. He accuses Fox News of racism for showing the out of context clip of Shirley Sherrod’s speech to an NAACP gathering. Chris Wallace, the host, has to regretfully inform Dean that the Obama White House had Sherrod fired before her name had ever been mentioned on Fox News.

Dean’s next attempt? He says that the White House was afraid that Glenn Beck would get hold of the tape.

Well, I’ll say this, the Obamists have good reason to be afraid of Beck. He sees right the hell through them, and he has the guts to quote them explaining themselves. That’s generally taboo in the mainstream media, to actually show these people explaining themselves. And you know there’s trouble in Obamaland when they send out a borderline psychotic like Dean to man the barricades. If that’s the best they could do it might mean that no one else was willing to do it.

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