Elena Kagan

That’s clearly a situation where the Republicans aren’t going to do much to stop her because, I think, they assume that in her place they will get someone ever worse.

But looking at and listening to her, I wonder how much worse it could get. Assuming that the Senate would not confirm many of the Leftist lunatics available from various quarters (a risky assumption), I would argue that this woman, pretending to be “in the mainstream,” would go as low as her character would let her and her character suggests a bottomless pit with an awning over it. We’re apparently supposed to be paying attention only to the awning.

She’s mundane enough to pass through her own confirmation process relatively unnoticed, but it’s the element of banality in her that catches my eye and ear. Like the freak who nominated her, I’d bet she’s capable of anything, and I don’t mean on the good side.

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