Let Obama go

From every possible direction, he should be encouraged to resign.

Biden is a fool, of course, but there is in him, I believe, some residual reflex that is actually interested in America. In any case, his would be seen as a caretaker government.

But the “Hope” and “Change” fraud should go, along with the whole crowd he installed, from the political malignancy Rahm Emanuel to the incompetent toad woman Janet Napolitano to the lunatic national security advisor Brennan.

The November elections will hopefully mitigate the dangers of the Pelosi-Reid axis in Congress, but this mess in the White House must be urged, encouraged, told, shouted at to go. Get. Out.

And the people who put him there, from the slobs in the media to the naive liberals who drooled over him, have an obligation to lead the way.

There is nothing honorable about Obama, so get loud about it. His gig is over. The mess is too big.

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