The obstreperous hag moves on

Helen Thomas resigned from the Hearst News Service after her comment that the Jews should get out of Israel and return to Poland and Germany.

I was talking with a friend in my living room yesterday about Thomas and the whole national political scene. I told him that if I held a page full of caricatures in my hand and compared them to the range of personalities dominating national politics that those personalities look more like caricatures than like real people. And I don’t mean that they just essentially seem that way, but physically resemble caricatures.

Thomas, for instance, does not look like an old lady (she’s 89). She looks like a mad drawing of something from someone’s foetid imagination. I don’t want to say a troll from under a bridge (that would be too much of a cliche), so let’s settle for something in that range.

It reminds me of, I think it’s the myth of Ur (I’m dredging an old unrefreshed memory), where men are transformed into beasts and beasts into men.

‘Ghastly’ about sums it.

Yesterday morning, early, I saw a man on a street corner who resembled an Easter Island sculpture. Very bizarre. But not as bizarre as the “Dean of the White House press corps” and the all sorts that stretch out in every direction from that hub.

More: Jonah Goldberg nails it.

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