I think that America, and I mean America America, not the prospective perversion of it warming in the statist ovens, will survive. But Billy Beck does not think it will survive, and he stands further back from the scene with a better view than almost anyone with a clear angle on it:

This is my working concept, now: that it’s over, and that all that’s left are the particular details of collapse. That will be a rich story in itself, for sure, but we are living a truly unparalleled tragedy. It is unparalleled in that this was the first country in history founded on rational ideals of individualism (even accounting for the original sin of black slavery), and it is a tragedy in that it has been destroyed from within.

Yup, Toynbee relates how great societies end as suicides.

There’s a grinding war now between the people who vote for a living and the people who work for a living. Yesterday the news came that only 42% of income in America comes via the private sector. The rest is taken as taxes and paid to public employees, pensioners, or “clients.” That’s a dependency class with close to a three to two advantage on the private individuals who pay them. That is demographic tragedy, but it was inevitable, not least because it was planned.

At the end, the big joke in the Soviet Union was “We pretend to work, and they pretend to pay us.”

Let’s pretend, before that day, that it doesn’t have to end that way here, and let’s see whether or not America America, not, again, the prospective perversion of it warming in the statist ovens, will survive. We can go broke either way, but only by the way of freedom can we be rich again, in spirit and wealth.

Break the hold of the state on freedom and individual enterprise and the suffering will only last a generation as the freedom model reasserts itself.

We’ve just witnessed a federal government, under the impress of delusional fools, that in the face of two enormous social entitlement programs — Social Security and Medicare — heading toward bankruptcy responded by adding a third enormous entitlement program. When people stood up and opposed that they were called racists, terrorists, and stupid.

So what it’s going to take is tearing down, for starters, the last two years and then engaging in the greatest method of pooling resources ever invented — it’s called the family — and from that bulwark engaging the downturn and the upheaval so that the return can be eventually witnessed. Make hard times good. But first undo this extended state apparatus and leave it on the ash heap of history. Only freedom works.

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