Tomorrow is the vote on the New Paltz school budget

The vote will take place at the New Paltz High School on South Putt Corners Road.

The voting hours are 12 Noon to 9:00 P.M.

A “No” vote gets you a 2% increase on the average school tax bill.

A “Yes” vote gets you a 3% increase.

So it’s the usual choice between “More” and “More More.” Personally, I can live with just “More” and a “No” vote. My only wish is that the vote, for once, could be for “Less.”

Maybe some day. Stranger things have happened. No one expected the Berlin Wall to come down, either. But as Margaret Thatcher said, eventually they all run out of other people’s money.

Also at stake are two positions on the school board. I don’t care about that, but for his stand with taxpayers against the Middle School bond, Edgar Rodriguez merits some consideration. I don’t think that Edgar and I would agree on much else, and I’m undecided on whether or not to break my policy of not voting for anyone running for the school board and give Edgar some encouragement.

Finally, there is also a proposition on the ballot to purchase two new school buses. That’s a “No” for me as well. Everyone is doing with less these days, and the School District can benefit from learning to make do as well.

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