Billy Beck: Live on Tape

This is good.

Scott Ott, the satirist who does Scrappleface, conducts a serious interview with Billy Beck about Bill Clinton quoting him anonymously. Billy in turn blames it all on me! No, I’m kidding. He notes my contention that we are right now in a cold civil war.

Billy, I should mention for those who will be shocked by his arch-libertarian outlook, is not a big fan of the U.S. Constitution. In the interview he calls it a “counterrevolutionary act.” My short explanation for that is that he believes that the Constitution created a framework for too much government, rather than effectively limiting it.

Billy is not, to my thinking, an “obscure blogger,” as Ott characterizes him. He’s pretty well known in blog circles and well respected, and I think that he’s an important critic of American politics at the most basic level. My views differ from his, but he’s one thinker (and I use that term with great care) who I always take into account. He’s a champion of individual freedom, and that’s what he’s been about since I’ve known him.

More: Billy’s take on the interview.

And More: Over to Soja.

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