New Paltz Journal: The NEW Local Edition

I started this blog with the intention of giving a lot of time to local New Paltz topics. That worked for a while, but then the 2008 presidential election and the aftermath drew more and more of my attention, and local items got crowded out. In the meantime, the following for the blog became increasingly national. Plus, I didn’t want to deal with comments here.

A lot of good discussion went down at the local New Paltz Gadfly blog, but that has drifted into marginal issues and hasn’t bothered to carry a single item on the biggest local controversy going right now: the monstrous budget for the New Paltz Central School District. So, attention wanes over there, right when there’s a need for a place to discuss local matters.

So, in the effort to fill that gap, I’m launching New Paltz Journal: The Local Edition.

It’s a separate blog, and it’s going to be all about local stuff. The comments are on, and all who are interested are invited to comment. I don’t know how that’s going to work out, but let’s give it a try.

Local residents, including SUNY New Paltz students, are welcome. Anyone else with a clear interest in local New Paltz issues and events is welcome too.

Everyone make yourself at home over there and keep it clean.

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