The jauntiness crisis abates

There is no jauntier being on the planet than our beloved hound, C.J. Peckerwood. He puts the jaunt in jauntiness. He is a veritable top hat and cane on the swell promenade when it comes to how jaunty he is.

So, when he sank low this week and lost his jaunt, you can imagine what a crisis befell. Sullen he was.

I watched him for a couple of days and then I realized what it was. His neck was out. He had a stiff neck and could barely give his head the necessary morning wake-up shake.

Fortunately for him, I have had neck problems for decades and have mastered the art of getting things back into alignment.

So I went right to work on C.J.’s neck and after a day or two it was working fine again, his neck.

The jaunt is back. He’s the king of swing again. The crisis is over.

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