No one tells me a damn thing anymore

The former Criminal President quoted Billy Beck.

We’re in a cold civil war right now.

Anyone think otherwise?

The governing class is bringing force harder and faster than ever.

Ordinary people are standing up and saying stop, and the governing class has now accused them of everything from racism to violence. Frank Rich of the New York Times compared the Tea Parties to Kristallnacht. Joe Klein accused Rush Limbaugh of sedition. Bill Clinton raises the spectre of Oklahoma City.

It’s a cold civil war, and it’s been taking shape, by my estimation, for about twenty years.

Call it also the war of those who vote for a living vs. those who work for a living.

Hit the link and read what Billy has to say. And I invite Billy to open the vault; he knows what I’m talking about. There’s no statute of limitations on it.

As for Bill Clinton, he’d better put some ice on that. People up there in the exalted media have been far too nice to him. But there are still a lot of yeoman veterans of the Usenet battlespace who know exactly what he is and can recite it from memory.

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