A short-handed goal, around the back, by Mark Steyn

I’m going to crib the whole thing from The Corner because it’s such a beaut:

Over to You, Bill Clinton, Frank Rich, Joe Klein et al. [Mark Steyn]

Actually, there is a lot of incendiary hate out there — here, for example. The voiceover is by U.S. citizen (and spiritual mentor, most recently, to Major Hasan) Ayman al-Awlaki. He is explaining the rationale for killing identified individuals, including the creators of South Park.

Mr. al-Awlaki says things like, “Harming Allah and his messenger is a reason to encourage Muslims to kill whoever does that.”

Maybe he’d get a worse press if he were to stop pussyfooting around and explicitly incite violence by saying something openly hateful like “I’m becoming very concerned about federal spending.”

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