The Hutaree case

The Wall Street Journal reports:

He said Mr. Stone was easily upset by talk of the government. “Some of the things that upset Dave also upset me,” said Mr. Gaydosh, who belongs to another militia group with no ties to Hutaree. They frequently discussed survivalist techniques and poked fun at government officials, he said, but “there was never any violence planned.”

Mr. Gaydosh said Mr. Stone didn’t like law enforcement officials driving by and shining lights at Mr. Stone’s house, adding that he always referred to police as “feds.” Mr. Stone also didn’t like neighbors complaining about his target shooting, Mr. Gaydosh said.

Stone, the leader of his own militia, lives in rural Michigan, in a town of 300. The FBI, interested enough to infiltrate his outfit with an undercover agent, apparently gave the U.S. Attorney out there enough evidence to indict Stone for planning to kill police officers. It is alleged that Stone was hoping to start a general uprising, one supposes through his network of Hutaree (the name of his militia) affiliates.

Stone is described as an affable Bible-reading Christian man, no doubt a tip-off for Janet Napolitano and Eric Holder that this is indeed a much more serious threat to national security than meets the eye. Stone also owned guns. So the case takes on that dimension as well, and more than half the country falls under suspicion, notably the half that can’t stand the Obama administration. (Fear spreads rapidly on the Upper West Side of Manhattan too, where Frank Rich immediately makes the connection: White man, guns, Bibles = Kristallnacht. You see it too, don’t you?)

No chance that this is just the anomaly of a disappointed and delusional rural guy with his own bandstand and compounded beefs picked up on crude radar in the middle of nowhere.

If this is in fact a good bust, then the FBI should get credit for possibly saving lives, which is much preferred to arriving on the scene after the fact. I hestitate to add, but will, that Mr. Stone, obviously beset with a worldview less capacious than one hopes to see in the average man, worries me about 1% as much as Eric Holder does. He’s also a man beset with a worldview less capacious than one hopes to see in the average man.

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