Lawrence Eagleburger doesn’t get it

Quoted over at Gateway Pundit:

“I’ve never seen anyone who is as amateurish in the conduct of his foreign relations as this president.”

It’s not that it’s amateurish; it’s that it is intentional and deliberate. Until people wake up to that, they’re simply missing the point.

Cavuto, who is doing the interview of Eagleburger, suggests the intentional nature of Obama’s behavior.

Eagleburger, before Cavuto gets to that point, says that Obama’s behavior invites an attack on Israel.

Again, he doesn’t get it. Obama’s behavior invites an attack on the United States. And if that is also intentional, then I think that we have something a little deeper on our hands than a Constitutional crisis. But we probably have that with or without intent in this specific case.

Everyone who has a chip in this game is afraid to say that. But they had better start thinking about it.

More: neo-neocon follows the Honduras episode and says about Obama’s foreign policy behavior there that, “What appeared at the outset to be a possible aberration has become a pattern.” This is no small matter. Go over to that link and take a look. Neo-neocon quotes and links Mary O’Grady writing in the Wall Street Journal, who uses the word “maniacal” to describe the Obama policy in Honduras, and I agree with that characterization. This is one of those over-the-horizon issues that no one pays attention to, but it’s real and more evidence that the man in the White House was not sleeping in the pew during his twenty years in a Marxist church.

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