Finding a new way to say it

It has gotten so old, and frankly so embarrassing to see, that it is hard to find ways to describe it without being as leaden as the thing itself. But Tam does it beautifully:

The absolutely inchoate rage engendered in media types when anything becomes popular without their blessing is just hilarious.

Remember, it’s easy to see what their world looks like: Just turn on prime time TeeWee. Three quarters of everybody lives in New York City, and the remainder live in LA. Between the Hudson and the Hollywood Hills lies a thin belt of suburban mobsters in New Jersey, and then a vast gray wasteland filled with howling savages and extras from Deliverance, where snakes are handled and anybody with skin darker than #D2B48C tan is in danger of the weekly lynchin’ bees. Also, there is no arugula.

I was floored by exactly this sort of thing yesterday when I dropped by the online variant of the paper from up the road, The Daily Freeman, out of Kingston, New York. Writing at his blog the paper’s publisher, Ira Fusfeld, “commends” as “worth reading” the n’teenth iteration of “You’re All Racists!” by the vilest of the vile slobs on the New York Times op-ed page, Frank Rich. Just a few months back Fusfeld had dismissed these now standard accusations that opposing Obama equals racism. Now he pays his dues to the echo chamber by throwing his readers over to Frank Rich. What pathetic cowardice.

But that’s been liberalism’s song and dance for so long that it’s like the doctor’s reflex hammer to its knee. And way back a lot of us knew that of the many uses a black president would have for the Left the most overworked would be that his opponents were all racists. Disgusting and vile, with precisely the low-brow thickness it pretends to see out there in flyover country.

Later: Tam follows up with a nod to “syndicated invertebrate Eugene Robinson.” He’s apparently having a senior moment down below over the strangely-timed bust of some religio-fantasists with bombs in Michigan who were not Muslims for a change.

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