Norman Podhoretz defends Sarah Palin

It’s a pretty good argument, but I don’t buy it.

In her initial bursting forth on the big stage, I loved Palin. Her first few days as McCain’s running mate were exhilerating. She did great in her convention speech. Loved it.

All the vicious attacks on her from the Left were, I think, motivated by the same sense that I had of her initial appeal. It was that immediate appeal that so terrified the Left, even more so than the values she was grounded in.

My problem with Sarah Palin, however, is that she can’t get a straight sentence out of her mouth. She talks like a public school bureaucrat, not like a modern-day Annie Oakley. And, frankly, I can’t take it.

Yeah, the conservative movement and the GOP have no pivotal figure to turn to at the moment, but Palin is not and will not become that figure. Unless. Unless she learns to coordinate her thoughts and how to talk straight. That’s a long shot. If it doesn’t come all natural like, then simply grafting it on at midlife looks like a bad eye job.

Nonetheless, Podhoretz makes good points about who knows what in the political arena, and how Palin at least knows that America has played an important and good role in the world. It’s never bad to start with something so basic, especially when you have a President who clearly detests the country he purports to be leading.

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