Frank Rich plays solitare with a deck of race cards

It’s too tiresome to bother you with, other than as another iteration of a song and dance so stale that if it was the theme of a Broadway musical even the most forgiving theatre critic would walk out halfway into the first act.

So how odd is it that an ex-theatre critic like Rich doesn’t realize that his production of You’re All Racists! has already closed off-off-Broadway?

I think it has to do with the isolation of the New York Times op-ed ghetto and getting all your critical feedback from the white guilt enclaves of the Upper West Side.

Why, indeed, will that stubborn flyover America out there, someplace, not just conform with the vision of the Manhattan annointed, and want and love everything that Obama wants and loves!

Watch for a revival of this same production again in six months from the pasty, bloated ex-theatre critic.

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