The Kingston Freeman editors want Americans to bend over for Obamacare

Most Americans want nothing to do with Obamacare, at least not in anything resembling the form it has taken so far. Polls vary. But when you add up the “no thanks, start overs” with the just “no thanks,” the total “not this, no way” number pushes up over 60%.

The Left, though, was thrilled at the outset by the idea of Obama snapping on the latex glove. And it’s a rough deal crowbaring that idea out of their minds. It appeals to something fundamental inside them.

The editors of the Daily Freeman, up the road in Kingston, N.Y., though, want Obama to forget about the latex glove and snap on the condom instead.

“Bend over, and take it like the ignorant proles we know you are,” they seem to say. They don’t want any of that old Senate rules stuff when it comes to putting one-sixth of the U.S. economy under a federal bureaucracy. Do it the cheesy, rotten, dishonest way, they urge.

It’s the “government as prison rape” theme, taking root in the brackish backwaters of journalism.

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