Political fear

Taranto (first item):

Even weirder, Cook implies that this is not just his view but that of “some of the brightest Democrats” outside the administration. Isn’t it odd for partisan operatives to put out the word that their party is going to be wiped out in an election? That can’t be good for morale–and saying it to someone like Cook, a leader in shaping the conventional wisdom, could actually make things worse for the party. The more the expectation sets in that the Dems are heading for big losses, the greater is the incentive for Democratic incumbents to retire, making more seats more vulnerable to the GOP.

The movie will be called “Death Race 2010.”

It’s a long, long time from February to November, but just think of the damage that the White House can do between now and then, not to the Democratic Party (who cares about them?), but to the country.

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