The State of the Obama Address

To listen to what Obama has to say is to already misunderstand him.

1. He wants you to know him by his words because (a) you are not allowed to know about him, and (b) his deeds are incoherent within the normative context of American politics.

2. He has taken out an extended lease on blame shifting. That’s a key element of who he is. He’s blaming his predecessor and his opponents and the Tea Party movement and Fox News now. But all Leftists eventually blame the people themselves, something foreshadowed in the attack on the Tea Party movement and town hall protestors.

3. His interest in the United States is marginal, except as he sees its rapid and steep decline as necessary and desirable. The lateral meaning of that will be to bring Americans into much closer dependency on the state, even as the state has less and less to offer. The goal is to eviscerate American exceptionalism and replace American dynamism with a Third World socialist model. This will be explained in the aftermath as “historical necessity” by Leftist intellectuals.

4. The November elections will not solve anything because Obama does more damage in a week than an unintentionally incompetent chief executive could do in an entire term. The November elections come too late in the game; Obama is well aware of that. He will lock in imponderable damage before then.

5. In other words, to say that Obama is incompetent is to miss the point. The damage he inflicts on the United States with each passing day is intentional. That goes to my earlier point that Obama cannot be understood within the normative terms of American politics.

6. The greatest worry? There are three: Economic implosion, the national security apparatus, and the growing of the bureaucratic infrastructure.

7. Trying to characterize Obama as “not getting the message” is to misunderstand him and to not get his message, which can be summarized pretty well in the American vernacular: “Get Fucked.”

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