New Paltz: Spending $50 million dollars to renovate the Middle School is like spending $50 million dollars to put Humpty Dumpty together again

The learning space of the present, let alone the 21st Century, is cyberspace.

Get your kids out of those decrepit public schools, away from the imitative peer cultures that stifle and often reverse their maturation process, and into learning networks that can educate them at a fraction of the cost and allow them to be as smart as they are.

Public education is child abuse. And don’t call it “socialization” either. It’s institutionalization. It is outmoded. It is the past, and a part of the past that was never that good, and has gotten worse with its hard indoctrination routines.

Parents with three children in the New Paltz school district today, through a combination of guilt and belief and extraordinary selfishness, will happily vote themselves, over thirteen years of education for each child, which will come to thirty-nine years of education for all three children, a taxpayer-funded benefit (local and state) of at least $897,000.00. That’s the total benefit received at the current approximate cost of $23,000.00 per student per year in the New Paltz district.

To continue to support that sort of expense in the bankrupt State of New York will require greater local taxes and a much better class of taxpayer. New Paltz will have to become Scarsdale, but on the basis of what?

The school district gives the Wernher von Braun answer on that one: We shoot the rockets up, but where they come down, that’s not our department, says Wernher von Braun.

Public schools institutionalize children in environments that are effectively controlled by labor unions and by state and local education bureaucrats who are in the thrall of those labor unions. The children are held there by state compulsion and ritualistically miseducated and propagandized and dumbed-down through the years. The school systems, which were indeed once legitimate means for a community to offer basic education to the young, now exist to extract compulsory taxation from citizens in order to meet the outrageous obligations promised to the politically powerful aforesaid teachers unions and bureaucrats on the back of said compulsory education. The school systems are largely horse and buggy rides backwards into the past. Kids are too smart for them and need to be guided into learning networks where they have less, much less, contact with imitative peer group culture and bureaucracy, and much more contact with their families and adults and with people who know things.

That’s where the future is, if there is one.

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