Rhinebeck High School sophomore asks school commissars to ease global warming propaganda

Good for her.

She objected to having the Al Gore film shown in English class. Good point.

She objected to having it shown in science class without scientific views that question its premises.

As always, I recommend climatologist Richard Lindzen of MIT, along with the physicist Freeman Dyson and the late writer of techno-thrillers Michael Crichton for their critiques of the overwrought and overbearing case for man-made global warming. Add to that Anthony Watts, Ross McKitrick, Steve McIntyre, William Gray, Patrick Michaels, John Christy, Tim Ball, Bob Carter, and Roy Spencer, among others. Interested readers know how to employ the search engine of their choice.

Once the propaganda of global warmism is stripped away, along with the usual phalanx of informal logical fallacies that accompany it, there is really very little left. We have some warming, far from unprecedented or alarming, over the past century and a half. About “climate change” it can be said that, well, climate changes. It does not stay the same. If there is alarm, for instance, that some glaciers are receding, imagine what it would be like if they were advancing. But one thing is for certain, they never just stay where they are. That is an illusion.

Much of the propaganda allure of the Warmist case is based on the idea that “things are not the way they were thirty years ago.”

Yes, indeed, climate changes. Varies in wetness and dryness. Warms and cools. And if you manipulate data without responding to requests to see the raw data behind it, someone is going to get suspicious and catch you doing it. That has just happened in the “Climategate” episode and the fallout from that will continue for a very long time.

Which leads me to offer a hearty Bravo! to the Rhinebeck High School sophomore. She brings the real spirit of Western science to the debate.

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