It was a successful Christmas dinner. Considerably scaled back from previous feasts, but abundant nonetheless.

A fire burned in the hearth. A dinner crowd of a dozen or so seemed to be enjoying the food and atmosphere. The life-like robotic hound security system was on “falling food” setting and kept the floor clean.

The suspension of all drinking activities was lifted and the predictable excess led to a spectacular hangover. The suspension has been reimposed, until next year, at least.

A mild cold put itself in place the day after Christmas and came under heavy fire from the ascorbic acid brigade reinforced the next morning by the forces of raw garlic soup. The battle seems to have come to a successful conclusion.

For this morning, Thomas Sowell offers a succinct conclusion about the regime wielding power:

[T]his administration is only the end result of a long social process that includes raising successive generations with dumbed-down education in schools and colleges that have become indoctrination centers for the visions of the Left. Our education system has turned out many people who have never heard any other vision and who can only learn what is wrong with the prevailing vision from bitter experience.

That bitter experience now awaits them, at home and abroad.

Sowell’s comment fits nicely with my declaration to our weekend houseguest that “the West will be the first civilization that has educated itself to death.”

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