What’s this under the Christmas tree?

Why, I think it’s a present for everyone who visits here.

It’s the Online Books Page.

Because it mostly offers books on which the copyright has expired, the Online Books Page is like the dusty warehouse of the books of yesteryear. There are new books available as well, some of them public domain government publications and some freely offered by authors.

But here for instance are the works of Aristotle.

Do you like good clean 19th Century fun? Here are the novels (mostly) of H. Rider Haggard. There are 64 Haggard titles including the famous classics King Solomon’s Mines, She, and Ayesha: The Return of She.

Shakespeare, Plato, Poe, Melville, Jane Austen, the Brontes, Aquinas, and many, many, many authors who you have probably never heard of. Some are in plain type, some in enhanced text, some are illustrated.

Knock yourselves out.

And Merry Christmas.

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