Pat Leahy just now on MSNBC

Unbelievable blathering defense of special favors in the health care monstrosity.

Compared the outright theft of hundreds of millions of dollars from taxpayers to make payoffs to individual states to buy senators’ votes to the “theft of a bicycle.” That was after he used the tu quoque defense to justify the payoffs.

This is the sort of over the line abuse of discretion, the kind of arrogance, the kind of thoughtless, self-justifying blather that breaches the limits of civil society. Civil society is a balance of interests, between individuals and the polity that exists to protect their rights. It is not the drunk driving of the truck of power through the lives of people on the fuel of theft and the distribution of favors.

Pat Leahy has always been a rotten scourge foisted on America by the apparently unconscious voters of Vermont, but his senile admissions this morning redefine rotten.

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