It could be a sniveling weasel like E.J. Dionne…

running his rotten mouth like this that is the spark that moves this civil war from cold to hot.

Just the pure goggle-eyed violent stupidity of it could be the tinder of insurrection. The proverbial final straw.

“In a normal democracy?”

I’m not sure what your idea of a “normal democracy” is, Dionne, but in American democracy the Congress doesn’t take over an industry that is one-sixth of the economy and which is intimately connected to the life of every person and also steal the freedom of every individual and do it all against the expressed wishes of the majority of the American people.

In fact, something this grotesque should have such broad and deep popular support that it could be accounted as the equivalent of mass suicide. Then the people would at least have themselves to blame.

But you want to talk about “normal democracy?” This is legislative tyranny. It is government as prison rape. It is the mentality of the plantation master. Do you understand that?

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