Oh, dear, Beck has that optimism jag on again

I can’t stand it when he goes all hope and change:

I am beginning to consider this year since January as a fairly close comparison to events elsewhere in 1917, with the temporal slipped-disk of George Bush as Alexander Kerensky for eight years. If we take Obama as the first post-American president, then Bush was the president of a provisional government. In any case, the slow-motion revolution of Amsoc is no longer slow-motion. We’re living a moment in history that will reverberate through history as the turn of a great wheel, into precisely what cannot be completely foretold right now, but it must surely be enormous in its consequences.

We are more and more in it, every day, and none it is anything good for anyone. As the struggle intensifies, every person’s principles will be more clearly illuminated, right down to the street-level where you live. Pay close attention, and keep both hands on the wheel.

That’s something of a mirror of my own burst of undue optimism a few months back. Don’t miss my sentimental salute at the end to all those who helped get us here.

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