So, do you repeat that “the debate is over” line about global warming?

Have you been conditioned to think that way? Are you a true believer?

Well, if you are, you should know that there’s just been a murder in the cathedral.

Watch the vid of the interview with Tim Ball.

More: I think that I wrote here — I know I noted it somewhere — that when I read Michael Crichton’s novel about the global warming hoax, State of Fear, I assumed that he was exaggerating the chicanery and malevolence of the hoaxers in order to give his story some lift. Now, the truth is turning out again to be stranger than the fiction, or at least just as strange.

One thing that impressed me about Crichton’s novel were the vicious attacks that it elicited against him and it. This seems to be a pattern. The Left in general doesn’t like dissent, much less skepticism in the search for truth, and I note this morning that John Miller’s new novel about the Lincoln assassination has been subjected to what is now a fairly common series of attacks at Imagine if he had written a novel about global warming.

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