Ron Radosh takes a buggy whip to Thomas Frank

Frank is the “false consciousness” liberal who the Wall Street Journal lets hang around on its editorial page. Radosh took off after him over the issue of Glenn Beck’s pursuit of Anita Dunn et al.:

Evidently, it does not disturb Frank one bit that Mao, to anyone who knows some history, was one of the bloodiest tyrants and most vicious totalitarian dictator of the last century. The point is not that Dunn is another left-wing radical snuck into the White House, but that an individual who speaks with the President’s authority to young people can without a hint of apology be recommending Mao to them as an inspiring figure to emulate.

Radosh speculates that the Journal keeps Frank around as the house liberal because he’s such an easy target. Where, then, are the tough liberal targets? As far as I can tell, the liberal commentariat is rich with easy targets. From Maureen Dowd to E.J. Dionne to Joe Klein. There just aren’t enough B-52s on the conservative side to cover them all.

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