So, someone comes up to you on the street…

…and says to you, “One of my favorite political philosophers is Adolph Hitler.”

You gag back your outrage or you say “are you insane?” Or you just excuse yourself and keep moving.

O.K., suppose someone from the White House gets up in front of an assembly of students out at the local high school and says, “One of my favorite political philosophers is Mao Tse-Tung.”

Ricketyclick has the video of just that, with the appropriate notation that Mao was by far the greatest mass murderer in recorded history.

What sort of sickness has installed itself in the White House? Seriously, what sort of White House has a “communications director” who goes out and says that to a group of high school students?


From Roger Kimball, this surprising note:

N.B.: Anita Dunn is not just an Obama hanger-on. She is part of his inner circle, one of his top aides, along with David Axelrod, Rahm Emmanuel, and Robert Gibbs. What does it mean that someone in that position proffers one of the greatest monsters the world has ever seen for emulation?

Hit the link for the rest of Kimball’s observations.

Just to be clear, the media is not covering this and will continue to ignore it, even as they savage a radio talk show host for comments that he never made. I caught a bit of Chris Matthews tonight and he was playing proctologist to a Tea Party organizer from Texas, but without checking I’ll lay big odds that Anita Dunn’s name never surfaced during his program. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

This is a serious problem and it asks the question of what these people would be willing to do with their power. I’m talking about the White House, not the media, which is but a culpable agent in this matter.

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