New Paltz: Columnist says he’s never seen things so coarse and uncivil

Ed Flynn, a columnist for the Stalinpaltz Rancorous-Inbreeder,* tells readers he has never seen it so bad.

In a list of four examples for his lead paragraph that begins “I’ve never known a time when America seemed more angry,” he starts with Serena Williams getting nasty with the line judge and Kanye West grabbing the microphone at the Grammys. Then it’s straight on to the Town Hall meetings followed by Joe Wilson shouting “You lie” at Obama during the latter’s address to a joint session of Congress.

Obviously, Mr. Flynn was napping the previous eight years, because while his memory takes him all the way back to the 1930s for historic incivility and then a bit forward to the 1950s for the obligatory Joe McCarthy comparison, he doesn’t even note that George W. Bush was the object of a hate campaign for most of his tenure that had all the civility of an atomic blast. I can only assume he was dozing.

Also interesting is how Flynn leaves out the context, as if it had no importance, for the rambunctious Town Hall meetings and Wilson’s rude and inexcusable behavior (for which Wilson apologized immediately after the speech to Mr. Obama). But space is short in the weekly column, one supposes, so actual context has to give way to historical recontexualization with assassinations and George Wallace and Father Coughlin.

Yes, that old cracker-barrel wisdom, I’ve never seen it so transparent.

* Indeed, that’s my latest name for the New Paltz Times.

Update: First, note that I’ve added the link which was unavailable when this item was first posted. Second, I’ve read Flynn’s column through twice more and it didn’t improve with the extra scrutiny. Quite the opposite.

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