Obama’s speech to the Congressional Black Caucus

Just listened to it, breaking my own policy of never watching him. But something told me to pay attention.

It was a belligerently partisan speech, I thought. Subtly racialist, or maybe not so subtle. Trying to tie his presidency in with the civil rights movement as the next stage of that movement.

And it struck me as a bit unhinged, or maybe more than a bit. He was taking credit for rescuing the country from a depression. He warned about those famous “some people” who wanted to slow down on health care reform, implying that the downtrodden and oppressed could not wait another day.

I don’t want to read deeper than I should, but I thought it was pretty much on the surface that he was saying that as the black president he would bring health care home for black people and that “some people” who didn’t want it to happen needed to be gotten out of the way. If you watch it and don’t get that, please feel free to let me know.

And, of course, he was just making stuff up out of whole cloth. That last thing done with the ready ease of a Bill Clinton.

It will probably be re-shown on C-SPAN, at least, over the next day or two, and perhaps elsewhere.

I never recommend watching Obama, but you might want to catch this one to see where this cat is heading. My impression was that he plans on accelerating the pace of this thing, and that you can expect to see more and more Obama right alongside more and more accusations of racism if you don’t want what he is selling and/or really just can’t stand the guy. That struck me as the not so sub sub-text of the speech.

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