New Paltz: the deterioration of public access coverage of local government

I guess what happened is that both the town and the village governments entered into separate contracts with the same local videography outfit to handle town and village board meetings as well as some of the other government meetings, like the town planning board.

One of the problems that developed was some level of trouble with the live feeds to Time-Warner, especially from village hall, but that is not the whole of it.

The quality of the video being shot, based on replays that are not live feeds, is about that of a surveillance tape of an employees lunch room in a cold storage warehouse. That is, it is essentially unwatchable.

I’ve been watching broadcasts of the local government meetings for years. If you take the school board video as substandard but vaguely watchable (I don’t know who does those), then the current coverage of the town and village boards has fallen below that.

Like I said, down to the level of surveillance tapes.

In my opinion that is sufficient reason to get someone else to handle the video and to cancel the contracts for cause. I would give the current contractor one week to cure the situation, but I have a feeling that as usual you have people sitting around who can’t even bring themselves to recognize that there is a problem in the first place. My first guess would be that it’s an equipment problem with the contractor that no one wants to talk about, for reasons that I won’t speculate about.

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