The UN speech

VDH’s analysis:

The President’s U.N.* talk was more of the same, same old formula: Me, me, me/then Bush blew it/then I came/and, presto, the waters parted.

There is no need to listen to these speeches anymore

That’s what I’ve been saying. Never listen to the guy. Just pay attention to what he is doing. If necessary, read the speech after it is given. But never give him TV ratings. Turn him off.

If Obama is right, and American exceptionalism is over, and we are just one of many, why, then, does he expect to garner the world’s attention and to seek the world’s limelight? What is it about America that gives him, the two-year Senate veteran, such prominence?

In fact, it is America’s 20th century of achievement, its wealth, its singular morality, its competence—all the things that Obama either takes for granted or snarls about—that alone explains everything from his enormous Air Force One to the influence he enjoys. Put mellifluous Obama as President of Sweden or Slovakia and the world, rightly or wrongly, snores. Obama tragically does not understand that America made him—he does not make America.

I’ll repeat something I said earlier this year: When it comes to American exceptionalism the only thing that Obama finds exceptional about America is Obama.

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