Can you imagine

Listen, the past months, the next months, next years, have provided and will provide a virtually inexhaustible number of opportunities to ask “Can you imagine if George Bush had done this?” or “Can you imagine if the Bush White House did that?”

But the problem with something being inexhaustible is that the effect of it is readily exhausted. It’s like the Clintons and their scandals. After the Chinese campaign money scandal, or even before, who gave a shit? The Clintons were scum, and anyone who still doesn’t realize that (including their friends the Bushes) is insulting everyone else’s intelligence. Sorry, but that is the truth.

Now comes the Obama tide, and the things it is bringing in with it, well, imagine if George Bush…

Andrew Klavan has one of the corpses that washed up, and he’s examining it. If this had come from the Bush White House, Keith Olbermann would be rolling around on the floor at MSNBC while the producers struggled to keep him from swallowing his tongue.

And I guarantee you that it would have led the nightly news broadcasts on the three major networks. At the New York Times the FDNY would have to be called in because Frank Rich would burst into flames.

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