The Left’s JFK myths

Mark Hemingway collects three examples of the Left coming unhinged and comparing the atmosphere of opposition to Obama to the myth that Jack Kennedy was murdered by crazy right-wingers.

Jonah Goldberg helps Hemingway out by offering a few paragraphs from his book, the indispensible Liberal Fascism:

The fact that Oswald was a communist quickly changed from an inconvenience to proof of something even more sinister. How, liberals asked, could a card-carrying Marxist murder a liberal titan on the side of social progress? The fact that Kennedy was a raging anticommunist seemed not to register, perhaps because liberals had convinced themselves, in the wake of the McCarthy era, that the real threat to liberty must always come from the right. Oswald’s Marxism sent liberals into even deeper denial, their only choice other than to abandon anti-anti-communism. And so, over the course of the 1960s, the conspiracy theories metastasized, and the Marxist gunman became a patsy. “Cui bono?” asked the Oliver Stones then and ever since. Answer: the military-industrial complex, allied with the dark forces of reaction and intolerance, of course. Never mind that Oswald had already tried to murder the former army major general and prominent right-wing spokesman Edwin Walker or that, as the Warren Commission would later report, Oswald “had an extreme dislike of the rightwing.”

Hit the link for the entire thing. Not included in that excerpt, and I’m not sure whether Goldberg touches on it in his book, is that the Kennedy family were big fans of Joe McCarthy. Bobby Kennedy worked for McCarthy’s committee in the Senate, and McCarthy was a favorite of old Joe Kennedy. That relationship has been largely airbrushed out of the Kennedy family portrait, however.

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