Camille Paglia, lunatictrix

Billy Beck has an item of Paglia’s chopped from a tall pile of writing she’s unloaded today over at Salon. I headed over there expecting a little entertainment, given Paglia’s accessible motor-mouth prose. I left fascinated by my own irritation at how ungorgeous the writing was and how ludicrously outdated and shallow her commentary is. If she wants to write about fashion, political or otherwise, she’d best update her style from early Renaissance Rex Reed to something a tad less queered, and shake some of the liberal idiocies out of her head while she’s at it.

The most dangerous, for her, headed-down-the-wrong-alleyway-with-the-wrong-person part was her aping and approval of the “Man Coulter” barbs thrown at the leggy babe who would need turn but a few phrases in Paglia’s direction to leave her a smoldering ruin.

And it is always a mistake to condescendingly call someone “smart” who is about five times smarter than you are.

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