The end of Ireland as we know it

Our trip to Ireland was so far back in the day that if you ordered a glass of wine in a pub the response from the barman probably would have been “What?”

[T]he cliche of the Irish pub filled with Guinness drinkers is giving way to a different picture as new wealth, new opportunities and immigration transform tastes and drinking habits in one of Europe’s fastest growing economies.

Alongside the decline of Guinness is an increasing appetite for wine, spirits, cider and imported beer.

“You’ll still sell Guinness, but you’ll sell the likes of wheat beers, beers from the Czech Republic, beers from Poland,” said Eddy Martin, who runs the Bailey Bar.

“Beer sales are declining while the amount of wine is phenomenal. Before, people would say they wanted a white wine, now they’ll say they want a Chardonnay…”

What’s next, stoney glances and dour expressions from the patrons?

Link from K-Lo at The Corner.

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