Here’s an outline for a federal gun law

Anyone who cares to, who isn’t a violent felon or a mental case, can carry a handgun without further aideu, carry it on his person, across state lines, with the full protection of the 2nd and 14th amendments and the God-given right to defend himself against harm and predation. No permit required, no records kept, just an instacheck on the two prohibited categories at the point of purchase.

This makes the right to self-defense very immediate and effective, given that the handgun is the all-purpose status quo means of self-defense.

Now if someone will explain to Chuck Schumer, that perfectly splendid idiot, that this will neither increase nor decrease the net number of criminals bearing arms, but will effectively neuter their advantage over law-abiding citizens everywhere, perhaps Schumer can pass it on to the Slob Mayor of New York City who lives behind the wall of his heavily-armed tactical team of bodyguards.

I have just outlined the pathway to a very polite society with vastly fewer victims of crimes and modest increases in dead criminals.

P.S. to Schumer and the Slob Mayor: Rent a copy of the film Defiance and calculate why no serious person, and especially no serious Jew, would want to give up his right to keep and bear arms to fools like you. The two of you are effectively armed to the teeth, and everybody knows that. Were you under the impression that history came to an end because you won political office?

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