At last, some good news

Just in from India, and it’s almost too much good news. I mean, I feel overwhelmed, nearly, by tears of joy and laughter:

The uniforms, to be introduced in the next few months to the state’s 300,000 police, use cotton with a fragrant finish, reflective prints and fiber optic technology to make sure the uniform not only smells good but glows at night so officials can be located easily .

The uniforms will retain the scent even after washing as the fragrance is embedded in the cotton during processing.

Some police say they are eager to try out the new uniforms.

I bet. You’d have to be some kind of weird guy not to want to jump right into a uniform with its own embedded fragrance and that glows in the dark.

And many mucho macho kudos, etc., etc., to the state officials in India who came up with this marvelous fashion coup. We need more creative thinkers like that right here in the USA.

And, hey, how about issuing those cops guns that play sitar music, with bullets that make a perp catch fire when they hit. Let’s keep the creative energy flowing.

Link from Peter Suderman at The Corner.

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