Deck chairs, Titanic

God bless Sol Stern for trying to find ways to untangle the plot of the bad gothic novel that is New York City’s public school system.

But after sowing kids with confusion, despair, unreality, ignorance and everyday fear, I hardly think that the schools will be turned around by adjustments to teacher contracts.

The design that led to this giant children’s penal colony, drawn up in the 19th and early 20th century by mad reformers, was outdated then. The public schools, in New York and elsewhere, are the lead paint of the 21st century. But there are too many of the right kind of people who make a living off the monstrosity to simply let it go out of business. Plus, in the public schools, you can really find those “teachable moments” for that dynamic future that isn’t going to happen. But at least the youngsters will, you know, be kept away from any of that religion stuff and they’ll be raised up on the right thinking about the right causes by the right people.

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