End of world…

cancelled, again.

Vaclav Klaus will be smiling when he sees that.

I bet that most readers of the New York Times will never see it, however. I’d be pleasantly shocked if they did.

When the hoax has run its course, the five or six scientists who stood their ground against it throughout should get some sort of medal, or Nobel Prize, acknowledging their fidelity with honest data and honest science.

Reader HW sent along that link.

P.S.: I hasten to add that the Warmists still feel themselves to be securely in the driver’s seat, but for the actual facts on the ground. They did lay more groundwork for civil war, however, when they attempted to equate skeptics with Holocaust deniers. I guess that sort of thing opens the door for me to compare them to the pasty, bloated, sissy Frank Rich. Not exactly equal to essentially being called a neo-Nazi, but it works for me.

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