Justice Sotomayor


I’m embarrassed to say I have watched so many of those Senate confirmation hearings for SCOTUS nominees that they strike me now as no more than a somnambulist’s ritual. Senators Hatch and Leahy have been there so long that it’s like paying a visit to your attic to take another look at your great-grandfather’s wooden leg or some broken-down furniture that no one could ever bring themselves to put out at the curb.

The racialist attitude implied by Sotomayor’s repeated “wise Latina” remarks were trumped by her body of careful judicial opinions. Suffice it to say that no such break would have been given to a white man or a conservative of any make or model.

Making that comment once can be seen as a forgivable mistake, but repeating it several times shows that she wanted to establish her bona fides with the La Raza (which translates as “The Race”) crowd and wanted to make sure they got her high sign in that regard.

Without laboring on about this, the concern I have, after years of paying attention, is that American jurisprudence is a bloody mess, and that if Sonia Sotomayor doesn’t help make it even worse I’ll be very surprised.

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