Obama’s science czar

I’ll associate myself with Mr. Beck’s remarks.

It is a bad faith presidency folks. There is nothing about it that will not get worse. It is predicated on a complex of revolting lies, including those right out of the box about the “stimulus” bill, a grotesque political payoff characterized as vital to economic recovery. Even the most deluded remorseless political hack (someone like Maurice Hinchey comes to mind) knows that by now.

But that’s the least of it. This will not be a benign presidency as it supplements bad conditions with catastrophe. It will be right at your throat. These are rotten people.

The great principle of America is that free people pursue their interests freely and the government attends only to the irreducible commonalities. That has already been eroded to the point where Americans, one way or another, stand in line in the government cafeteria. This presidency is adding bars to the windows even as it sucks the air out of the room. It’s going to be a dreadful experience. It will be everything that the most self-loathing of Americans have long wanted but didn’t have the initiative to emigrate to Cuba and get it straight up for themselves.

Again, you think I’m kidding, or exaggerating or that I’m not giving Obama a fair shake. How do you give a fair shake to someone who couldn’t identify the truth even if it was in his interest to do so?

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